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When we say content, It can be anything like Digital Content, Telivision Content, Theatrical Content, Music or anything !!

Content Production :

We have recently stepped into content production with our hard working team. We love story telling in a different way. We are coming up with innovative and never before stories. In our years of experience, we excelled in all the 24 crafts of film making. We maintain good relationship with all the industry big wigs.

Content Acquisition :

Firstly let us tell you the concept of film rights. Each creator in the film industry gets their content registered in their respective fields to stay secure and have the sole ownership of their content. We acquire such rights to maintain a library of collection of amazing content.

Content Alliances :

We join our hands with content creators to walk with them in every aspect they need a support. Our content alliance team strives their best to see good content reaches maximum number of people resulting in  profits for content creators and exhibitors as well.

Content Distribution :

We distribute content to all the major global platforms and pledge to get it reached to maximum number of audience. We have expert  negotiation teams who have the best of interest at their heart for content creator and ensure their content in releasing through leading platforms.

Theatrical Promotions:

We have allied ourselves with major theatre owners and also with multiplex chains across India. We could promote content across all these platforms in various forms like advertising the content trailers, standees etc..,

Outdoor Promotions :

We have been associated with major outdoor advertising units to promote content in their advertising spaces. Outdoor publicity includes hoardings, banners, wall posters advertisements on busses, autos, taxi’s, bus stand, etc..,

Media Publicity:

We have partnered with many television channels across South India to promote content in their platforms in the form of trailer advertisements, interviews, bulletins, etc..,

We have also partnered with print media to promote content in their daily news papers, weekly magazines etc.,

Social Media Publicity :

As the major part of publicity is now depending on social media, we have our exclusive team of specialists who would come up with a special strategy for each content . They collaborate with social media influencers and all other attention drawing platforms on social media to make the content promotion reach all sectors of audience.

Brand Integration :

Many content creators are unaware of the fact that they can associate with brands that relate to the content. We fill that space. We integrate content with major brands that result in promotion of the brand as well as the content.