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Who we are

Akki Arts is a content production and distribution house having 6+ years of experience in the Entertainment Industry with it’s headquarters at Hyderabad.

We strive to bridge the gap between content producers and content exhibi tors. Content production and exhibition’s revenue model is something  that has a regular change in it’s model. We put in our maximum efforts to monetize the content in all the best possible ways that could result in profits for both the content producer and exhibitor.

We have a team of analysts who keeps on studying the strategical changes that are happening globally in the field of filmmaking and exhibition. They try to implement all their new ideas here at Akki Arts to keep us updated in the run !!

Our transparency is what makes us stand above our competitors in the market

Got a good  content with you ??

Akki Arts is a one-stop for all your production, promotion and
exhibition queries ..!!